"My Brands" Overview

My Brands is a place where you can safely express which brands matter to you, which brands you aspire to and the brands you wish would leave you alone...

Link brands to other areas of your Meeco experience to create a thorough and holistic picture of your preferences. For example, when you create an Intention (in My Intentions) you can determine which brands you would like to receive offers from and which ones you don't.


Curate your brand preferences

Create your own selection of brand tiles that will add greater depth to your personal profile. Choose from a selection of pre-made brand tiles or create new brands that you engage with.

By stating your preference brands into one of four positions in the brand matrix, you are starting the process of determining the brands that represent you. The four matrix positions that determine your opinion of the selected brand are:

  1. I use and like
  2. I use but do not like
  3. I do not use but like
  4. I do not use and do not like

Imagine curating a list of brands that you do not like and never having to hear from them again, or creating a list of brands that you love and would like to have deeper relationship with. Meeco aims to make you the centre of the MeEconomy and My Brands is the first step in making that possible.

To add a Brand Tile to your account:

1. Click the (+) icon in the blue My Brands bar

2. Choose a brand from the category lists or enter the name of the brand in the search bar

3. Set the relationship and opinion that you have on the brand.

4. If you have created a new brand, choose the appropriate Category that you would associate with the brand.

5. Extra credit: Does this brand relate to any of your Life Tiles or Site Tiles? You can link them together by choosing tags that resonate with different areas of your life. See the How do I use tags? article for more.



Give brands the flick

The new Brinder* tool makes sorting the brands you love (from the ones you don't) fun, fast and furious.

1. Go to My Brands

2. Click the Brinder icon to access the flicking tool.

3. As you are presented with new brands, drag the icon onto one of the four corners of the app. If you don't know the brand thats presented or you have no opinion either way, press the Skip button to proceed to the next brand.

* Brinder = "Tinder" for Brands


The Road Ahead

In the near future My Brands will shape how you express yourself to companies and advertisers by determining how they can and cannot communicate with you. For now, use "My Brands" to add extra depth to your personal profile by communicating your brand preferences.


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