An Overview Of Meeco

Meeco is a safe place to join and back up all the data in your life both online and offline, and a way to help you learn about yourself through using your Meeco boards: “My life”, “My Sites”, “My Insights”, "My Brands" and "My Intentions". Your Meeco experience is 100% flexible, you can personally curate all of your Meeco boards to suit your lifestyle and it's contents. All of the activity, preferences, settings, and data you create is kept private for your viewing only, and is of course encrypted and totally secure. Each Meeco board functions like an individual app and has it's own specific purpose:

“My Life” allows you to access and connect all the data points in your life by creating a digital profile of all the people and things in your life that mean something to you. "My Life" is a private reserve to help you recall all of your valuable information if ever needed upon short notice. "My Life" is designed to give you context around the information and data you generate on both a daily and lifelong basis. By creating "Life Tiles", you can supervise and highlight all the cool things in your life and much more.

“My Sites” Provides you with new ways to search the web without the cost of being followed and tracked wherever you go. Through creating “Site Tiles”  you can jump through private windows where the cookies in your browser are only visible to you and the websites you visit. Or you can browse in "Stealth Sessions", where each session enables you to browse more privately by automatically deleting all of the cookies and activity at the end of each session . "My Sites" helps you to take control of all the online data you would usually give away for free, it creates a protective bubble around your online identity.

"My Brands" is a safe space that allows you to express your interests and engagement with the the brands you have or wish to have relationships with, as well as those you would prefer to reject. Your "Brand Tiles" are there to help you build up a portfolio of your preferences over time, they are completely private, and work as the touchpoint between your data exchanges in "My Intentions".  

"My Intentions"  is a service that enables you to create a customised experience with the brands and products you enjoy the most by letting them know what you’re interested in or what you might be considering. "My Intentions" allows you to declare your desires for products, services, experiences and advice anonymously (optional), to test the waters before diving in for a purchase.

“My Insights” provides you with Quantified Analytics to help you learn more about the way you work and play both online and offline. My insights is there to give you the context and wisdom to fully appreciate the value of the personal data you accumulate through your use of Meeco. All of your interactions and exchanges are presented through actionable charts and graphs that help to provide you with the same power of large scale analytics that big business usually benefits from.

The Meeco Dashboard is the springboard to moving through the app. To access the dashboard at any time:

1) Tap the circular “Me” button at the top of the page.


If at any stage you would like more help getting around you can take a tour of Meeco and its functions by accessing the:

1) Tap the person icon at the top right corner of the Meeco dashboard.


2) Select the “View Tour” link in the dropdown menu.


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