Creating Your Profile Or "Me Tile" In Meeco

Your Meeco profile or your "Me Tile" is the digital representation of your quantified self and the Internet of things. Your "Me Tile" allows you to curate a portrait of the way you see yourself and how you engage with the world. 

How Much Information Do I Need To Build A "Me Tile"?

When creating your profile, you can provide as much information you feel comfortable with, about whatever you want. You can stick to the basics if you want, for example name, age, gender, or you can be extremely detailed and log anything from your entire working career to your child’s first words.

It’s important to remember that any information within “My Life” or “My Tiles” is 100% yours, none of the fields or content within them are required.

How Do I Edit My "Me Tile"?

You can edit your profile at any time by tapping the big circle in the top center of the “My Life” homepage, and changing/adding the fields of your choice. You can add fields by pressing the + symbols in the right side of each field, and you can delete information by tapping the X in the right corner of the field once selected.

How Many "Me Tiles" Can I Make?

You can only make one profile that represents you. However, you can make as many "Life Tiles" for you and others as you like. 

To create your "Me Tile":

1) Tap on the “My Life” section on the homepage.


2) Tap on the "+" sign within the circle below the red bar.


3) Select which category you would like to identify with.


4) Fill out the fields - “Name”, “DOB”, "Add Image" etc. - then be sure to finish by tapping the “Add” button in the top right corner of the "Add Life Tile" window. 



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