Where Can I Add Photos To "My Tiles"?

Adding photos is a great way to familiarise the data in “My Life” and help personalise your experience of the app. You can add an image to any of your "Life Tiles" or "Intention Tiles" within your Meeco account. If you would like to add a photo:

1) Tap on the "Life Tile" you want to add a photo to.

2) Scroll to the "Add Image" field inside your life tile and click the “Add Image” button.

3) Then select the image you would like, either by choosing from your library or by taking a new photo.

4) Tap "Save" in the top right hand corner of the page to finish.

How Many Photos Can I Add To Each Life Tile?

At the moment, you are limited to just one photo per tile. However you can add as many tiles as you like.

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