How Do I Edit Or Delete A “Site Tile”?

As you use my sites, the site tiles and their content will become increasingly special and personal to you as you find yourself editing tagging, making notes and adding new "Site Tiles". If at anytime you want to edit a "Site Tile", for instance to create tags, add notes or to delete a tile, you can do so by accessing the settings page by tapping on the dotted lines in the bottom right corner of each tile.

To Edit Or Delete A Tile:

1) Tap on the dotted lines at the bottom right corner of the tile you want to edit or delete.

2) This will take you to the edit page where you can add tags or notes to each "Site Tile" you have saved.

Always Tap "Save" After You Have Edited A Site Tile:

If you wish to delete a "Site Tile", click the trashcan icon in the top right side of the edit page.

You can also edit and take notes about the pages you most frequently use by tapping the “Notes” Section within the site tile and making notes about each tile.

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