How Do I Use The Filter Function?

The Filter is a very useful tool to help you sort through the data in your Meeco boards. Need to find a tile that you've tagged with "Car"? Using the Filter makes this quick and simple. . 

When you use the filter function, you are essentially sifting through your data by the categories or tags you have created in the particular Meeco board that you're in. This is a quick way to get to your tiles instead of having to find them by scrolling and searching. The Filter function has been designed to help out those who have a lot of tiles or tags within their Meeco boards, so it may not be too important when you're starting out, but will become increasingly useful as you add more data to your Meeco account. You can find the filter in any of your meeco boards next to the "+" or "Add Tile" icon in the top right tile bar. This is how to properly use the filter function:

1) Tap the filter icon next to the "+" symbol in the red bar at the top right corner of the “My Life” page.

2) Type the name of the tag or the category you want to filter in the drop down search bar, the select the tile you were looking for.


3) Tap the “Clear Filter” button to go again.

You Can Tap The Search Icon In The Top Left Corner Of Your Meeco Dashboard To Search Across The Entire App - This Will Find Every Tile, Category And Brand Across All Your Boards.


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