How do I create an "Intention Tile"?

You can create an "Intention Tile" at any time you like and link them to the other data points in your Meeco account by tagging them. By creating "Intentions Tiles", you can log the details of the products, services and experiences you are seeking advice on.

To create an "Intention Tile":

1) Tap the "My Intentions" Meeco board and tap on the "+" symbol in the right side of the purple bar.

2) Select a type of intention from the 4 options; a product, a service, an experience or advice.

3) Make sure to fill out the name, the date, and the category of your intention.'

4) Tap The “Brands” tab next to the "Details" tab to specify which brands of services you are willing to consider.

5) If you wish to share your intention anonymously flick the “Share Anonymously” switch underneath the “Tags Field”.

6) Tap “Save” in the top right corner of the page to finish.


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