Why/how can I tag "My Intentions"?

By tagging your intentions, you can link them to the other data from your “Life Tiles”, “Brands”, and “Site Tiles”. For example, if my intention was to buy a new car, I could link all the information about my current car, license and Insurance with the website’s or Brands I was considering by tagging them as “New Car”. You can tag your intentions as you make them, or you can add tags after.

1) Tap the "Intention Tile" you want to tag.
2) Scroll down and tap the plus symbol at the right side of the "Tags" Field.
3) Enter the name of the tag you are searching for. If You wish to add a tag, enter the full name of tag then Tap the tag name followed by a "+" symbol underneath the search bar.
5) Tap Save in the top right corner once you have added your tags.


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