How do I Make a new “Brand Tile”?

"Brand Tiles" help link the data from “My Intentions” and “My Life”. They are there to help  represent you with greater accuracy as a consumer. Your "Brand Tiles" are there to help you build up a portfolio of your preferences over time, they are completely private, and work as the touchpoint between your data exchanges in "My Intentions".

"Brand Tiles" are designed to give you greater autonomy as an individual when it comes to asserting the power to choose, whether it be for products, services, experiences or advice, "Brand Tiles" give you more freedom as a consumer. You can create as many "Brands Tiles" as you like and they are all completely private. Within the future Meeco will develop "My Brands" into an exchange platform where you will be given the opportunity to share your preferences, if you wish, with the vendors that you've expressed an interest in.

To make a new "Brand Tile":

1) Tap the + symbol in the top right corner of the brands page.

2) Select the category of the brand, or directly search in the search bar to find or create a new “Brand Tile”.

3) Once you have found the brand you're after, tap to edit or add it to your tiles.

4) Fill out the fields and select what your relationship with the brand is from the 4 combinations: 

  • I use and like
  • I use but do not like
  • I do not use but like
  • I do not use and do not like

5) Tap “Add” in the top left corner to save and add the brand to your tiles.

There are two different viewing options within the "My Brands" home page, to change your view, tap the two arrows that face each other in the corner of each brand section.


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