Where Can I View My Browser History?

Regular web browsers like Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox record your browsing history as a series of individual pages. If, for example, you visited a news website, your history would show you every page you visited and the time and date at which you visited it.

Meeco treats your My Sites sessions differently to a regular web browser history.

  1. When you launch a My Site tile, Meeco records the date and duration of that event and saves it to your account.
  2. When you launch a Stealth Session, Meeco does not record anything so there is nothing to save to your account.

The history of your activity across the entire Meeco app is visible as a timeline of events and animated charts which can be viewed in the My Insights board on the Activity feed tab.


Viewing your activity feed

1) Return to the Meeco dashboard and enter the Meeco board "My Insights".


2) Tap the "Activity" tab at the top next to the "Insights" tab.

Visit the My Insights Knowledge Base for more information.

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