Where Can I Find Help?

Meeco can seem a little overwhelming at first as there is a lot to take in. There are four ways to get help


1) To replay the "Get started" welcome tour when you first opened Meeco, click the "Get started" board on the Meeco Dashboard.

2) Replay the introductory graphic tours for each board by opening up the board (eg. My Life), clicking on the account icon, then choosing "View tour for My Life)


3) Clicking "Help" inside the app with take you through to our support portal located at where you will find lots of helpful guides, tutorials and answers to your questions.

  • Browse the different categories
  • Use the sites' search bar for fast results.


4) If you still require more assistance you can contact one of our customer support team who will attempt to quickly solve your problem. Click the "Submit a Request" item at the top of this page or send an email to


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