My Life Overview

“My Life” allows you to access and connect all the data points in your life through enabling you to create a profile of all the people and things that mean something to you. “My Life” is an everyday reference to the small details of your big world. By creating “Life Tiles”, you can detail all the data in your life, from which newspaper you read each morning to what sort of car insurance you have – there’s even room for your pets! 

Why Would I Need To Use “My Life?”

Using Meeco, you can back up all the details of your life at the touch of your fingertips. “My Life” can give you the assurance that when life doesn’t always go according to plan, Meeco can be a back up plan.

My life may be useful if:

  • You regularly engage with a particular product or service and require specific information at the ready. Such as small business owners would for bank account and money transfer details, or seasoned travellers might for their favoured airlines and hotel services, “My Life” gives you the space to do so.
  • If You ever need to recall insurance details after experiencing a breakdown on your way to work. “My Life” can have them at the ready, including your cars make, model, licensing information and year of purchase.
  • Changing jobs can be a hassle when it comes to recalling information such as your tax details, superannuation accounts and previous experience or qualifications. “My Life” allows you to create spaces for any information you may require in the future, whether it's for your career or your partner’s.

Any information stored in “My Life” or “My Tiles” is 100% yours and completely private. None of the fields are necessary or required, they are simply there as a means to help you collect and easily access important information you may want to remember. Whether it’s your passport, insurance or local barista details, it’s entirely your decision to decide what is relevant to you. 

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