How Does My Sites work?

My Sites is a privacy friendly alternative for doing all the things you normally do on the web: browse, shop, pay bills, research and be social. The difference is that instead of sharing your personal information and browsing habits with every site you visit, you are retaining that information for your own use and in the process are making yourself more invisible from advertising and data leakage.

My Sites is specifically designed to:

  • make you more anonymous by keeping browsing sessions private and isolated 
  • give you the confidence to truly be yourself online
  • provide you with new insights about your life (the stuff you normally give away!)

My Sites has two ways to ensure your activity is more anonymous and private:

  1. Site Tiles: These are like bookmarks to your favourite websites and installed applications (iOS only). Click the (+) icon in the top right hand corner to start building a collection of your favourite site tiles bookmarks that you access most often. Your browsing activity is saved as a series of events that form the basis of the visual reports used in the My Insights board, giving you new insight into how you spend your time online. Remember, this information is all completely private and visible only to you.
  2. Stealth Session (Note - Stealth Session is iOS only. The Meeco Web App has plug-ins for supported browsers - Chrome and Firefox.) : There are some situations where you do not want your activity tracked.  Click the (globe) icon in the green bar to initiate a stealth session and enter the website address of the site you are looking for. When you have completed your stealth session, click the "done" link and the cookies will be automatically deleted and no events will be recorded against your activity. It's almost like you were never there at all.

My Sites provides you with the means to reduce surveillance and give you more control over your online digital footprint. Reduce your digital footprint; prevent advertisers from tracking you across activities.

PLEASE NOTE: MySites is optimised for iOS mobile version and supports Google Chrome in conjunction with the Meeco Launcher for Incognito Browsing extension for the Web version and Firefox with the Meeco Launcher add-on. If you use MySites in a non-supported browser with the web version, your activity will still be tracked inside Meeco but your cookies and activity will not be contained to each session. Meeco recommends using the iOS app and Google Chrome or Firefox with the Meeco Plugin.


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