My Intentions Overview

"My Intentions" provides you with a space to keep track of the things you most want in life. For example, If you are considering a holiday overseas, you can create an "Intention Tile" to help weigh out your options for the cheapest airlines, travel insurances, car hire services, hotels and much more. "My Intentions" allows you to declare your desires for products, services, experiences and advice anonymously, (optional), to test the waters before diving in for a purchase.

Within the near future, "My Intentions" will become a service that enables you to create a customised experience with the brands and products you enjoy the most by letting them know you’re interested in them. If you would like financial advice, a competitive price on a new car, or to wrestle with an alligator, “My Intentions” will provide you with the space to do so under your own terms and conditions with the brands you trust.

How Many "Intention Tiles" can I make?

You can make as many "Intention Tiles" as you have intentions, and link them to the other data points in your life by tagging them.

Who gets to see “My Intentions”?

Your intentions are for private use, however, you will soon be able to share them in exchange for value by swiping the "Share Anonymously" switch underneath the tags bar. This will then post your intention to a public feed, a space for vendors to engage with potential customers whilst maintain respect for user privacy. For now however, "My Intentions" is solely for personal use.

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