What Are “Life Tiles” And Why Are They Important?

“Life Tiles” are like folders that you can create to help organise the different information and relationships in your life. “Life Tiles” enable you to create a story that represents who you are as a digital citizen in the Internet of things. They are there to help you realise the potential in managing your personal information online, and together with "My Insights" they can be used to gain a greater depth of understanding into the different components that make up your life.

What Sort Of Information Should I Start With When Creating "Life Tiles"?

There is no "one" particular type of information that needs to be logged in your Meeco Dashboard. It’s up to you to decide what sort of information is most useful or relevant to you. However, basic details or the big details of your life - your ID numbers, your car registration, mortgage arrangements, etc. - and that of your closest friends and family may prove handy in the future and be a good place to start. As you become more familiar with “My Life”, you may find it useful for a broader set of purposes and use it to keep a wider range of information.

Who Else Gets To See “My Life” Or My “Site Tiles”?

Your site tiles are for private use. You are the only one that holds the key to your personal information. It’s important to remember that any information within “My Life” or “My Tiles” is 100% yours, none of the fields or content within them are required.


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