Creating And Editing Life Tiles

"Life Tiles" are the tools you can use to track all the data points in your life, from the smaller details like the name of your pets, to more immediate information such as your age or address. You can create a life tile for anything you like and there is no limit to the amount of tiles you make. To create a new tile:

1) Select the “+” symbol in the right hand corner of the screen.

2) Select the category of the item you want to detail, Meeco has categories for just about anything, but not everything. If there is something you would like to log that isn’t included in the category list, just select the “Other” tag where you create a label of your own.

3) Customise your "Life Tile" by adding photographs and other information in the fields.


4) Remember to tap "Save" in the top right corner once you've finished! 

You can also personalise your tiles by adding photos and Tags to help find where they sit in “My Life”, and drag them around to sit where you want by holding them down for 2 seconds. There is no limit to the number of life tiles you can make, so go wild!

How Do I Edit A "Life Tile"?

To edit a "Life Tile", Simply select the Tile you wish to change, and make the changes in the fields or "notes" sections. When you are finished editing, tap "Save" in the top right corner of the "Site Tile" page. 

How Do I Delete A "Life Tile"?

Deleting tiles is as easy as creating them, just select the tile you no longer want, tap on the trashcan icon in the top left hand corner of the "Site Tile" page and confirm your delete.

What Will Happen To My Data Once Deleted?

Meeco will not store or hold any of your data once you have deleted it. 


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