Can I Create "Life Tiles" Or "Me Tiles" For Other People?

“Life Tiles” are a simple way to keep up with friends and family, whether it’s for birthdays, anniversaries or any other occasion. You can create “Life Tiles” for anything or anyone - pets included! To create a profile for another person:

1) Add another "Life Tile" by tapping the + symbol in the top right corner of the "My Life" page.

2) Select the "People" category where you can detail who they are and their relationship to you.

3) Fill in the fields of your choice and finish by tapping "Save" in the top right corner.


Why Would My Pets Need A Life Tile?

Your pets may not necessarily need a life tile, but say you can’t recall their last vet check up, or the bill at the end of it? Meeco might prove handy under unexpected circumstances, life and death situations or when this sort of information is needed at short notice.

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