How Do I Create A New “Stealth Session” Browsing Window In “My Sites”?

The "Stealth Session" browsing sessions help to minimise your digital breadcrumb trail on the web by automatically deleting all of you cookies at the end of each session - almost like you were never there in the first place. "Stealth Sessions" have been specifically designed to make you more anonymous by keeping browsing sessions private and isolated and ensuring the protection of your privacy as you enjoy all the things you currently do online when using Meeco. 

If you would like to create a new “Stealth Session” browsing window:

1) Tap the globe icon in the green bar at the top right corner of the “My Sites” page.

2) Type the URL of the site you wish to visit in the bar at the top of the page. It’s important to note that this bar is not a search bar; it is for URLs only.

3) Tap "Done" in the top left corner to end a session after you have finished browsing.



PLEASE NOTE: MySites is optimised for iOS mobile version and only supports Google Chrome in conjunction with the Meeco Launcher for Incognito Browsing extension for the Web version. If you use MySites in a non-supported browser with the web version, your activity will still be tracked inside Meeco but your cookies and activity will not be contained to each session. A Firefox plugin is planned for development. Meeco recommends using the iOS app and Google Chrome with the Meeco Plugin.

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