How To Navigate The Web Using "My Sites" Browsers

Navigating through "My Sites" is fun and easy. It's just like a private dashboard of all your favourite sites and online services, The only difference between other browsers and "Mt Sites", is that when you browse on "My Sites" you do so on your terms - rather than theirs. "My Sites" is a simple way to minimise the tracks that are left behind when you use the Internet. 

My Sites has two ways to ensure your activity is more anonymous and private:

  1. Site Tiles: These are like bookmarks to your favourite websites and installed applications (iOS only). Click the (+) icon in the top right hand corner to start building a collection of your favourite site tiles bookmarks that you access most often. Your browsing activity is saved as a series of events that form the basis of the visual reports used in the My Insights board, giving you new insight into how you spend your time online. Remember, this information is all completely private and visible only to you.
  2. Stealth Session: There are some situations where you do not want your activity tracked.  Click the (globe) icon in the green bar to initiate a stealth session and enter the website address of the site you are looking for. When you have completed your stealth session, click the "done" link and the cookies will be automatically deleted and no events will be recorded against your activity. It's almost like you were never there at all.

Where Do I Make A New Window for a "Stealth Session"?

When you're using "My Sites", you can create a new private window, or "Stealth Session" at anytime by tapping the globe icon in top right corner of the "My Sites" page.

To End A "Stealth Session" Browsing Window, Just Tap "Done" In the Top Left Corner Of The Browser Page.

How Do I Navigate Back And Forth Through My Browser?

The green arrows on at the bottom left corner of the browser are for navigating Backwards and forwards. 

The Refresh Button Sits On The Bottom Right Corner Of The Page.

 What Can I Do If A Page Isn’t Loading Properly?

If you are experiencing HTML or CSS difficulties when loading pages in Meeco, you can access them by opening them in another browser like Safari. To do so: 

1) Tap the box and arrow icon in the navigation bar at the bottom of the browser.

2) You will be directed to the page you are trying to view in Safari. 

Can I See What Cookies Are Being Hosted In My Browser?

Cookies are bite size pieces of data that collect information about where you go and what you do on the Internet. If you see what cookies are being hosted by each site you visit: 

1) Tap on the cookie icon second from the right at the bottom of the browser.

"My Sites" also enables you to delete any cookies you have picked up if they bother you, which can be handy when you wish for some websites to leave you alone and stop tracking where you go. To delete specific cookies:

To Delete Cookies:

1) Tap on the cookie icon in the bottom right corner of your browsing window.

2) Tap on the particular cookie in question. (Sometimes a website will have many different types of cookies that all serve different purposes, ie. shopping carts and loyalty bonuses. Not all cookies are designed to threaten your privacy.)

3) Tap and confirm delete at the bottom of the cookie's page. 


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