How Do I Use The Filter In "My Sites"?

The Filter function is an important feature to help you find information quickly and to see the links you make across your data in your Meeco boards while you manoeuvre your way through the app.

When you use the filter function, you are basically sifting through your data by the categories or tags you have created. This is a quick way to get to your tiles instead of having to find them by scrolling or searching.

Searching for your tags in "My Sites" using the filter will link all of the pages or websites you love to the other tiles in the app, such as your Intentions or "Life Tiles". You can search for your tags at any time in “My Sites”:

1) Tap the pin icon next to the "+" symbol in the top right corner of the “My Sites” page.

2) Type the name of the tag you want to search for in the drop down menu search bar, or the categories bar.

4) Tap the “Clear Filter” button to redo the search.

You can also universally search for your tags by tapping the search icon in the top left corner of your Meeco dashboard, this will run a search for all items that share the same tag.

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