How Do I edit/delete an “Intention Tile”?

How do I edit my “Intention Tiles”?

You can edit the type of intention, as well as its category and any custom fields you have made at any time by tapping on them and making adjustments in their settings page. To edit an "Intention Tile";

1) Enter the tile you want to edit on the “My Intentions” page.

2) Browse through the fields and categories available or make your own by scrolling to the bottom and Tapping “Add Field”.

3) Tap the “Save” button in the top left hand corner of the page.


How do I Delete an “Intention Tile”?

If at any point you would like to delete one or more of your "Intention Tiles" you can do so by accessing the edit page. Here is how you can get there:

1) Select the tile you no longer require.

2) Tap on the trash icon in the top right corner underneath the image.

3) Confirm delete.

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