How do I create/delete notes about "My Intentions"?

You can make notes about your intentions to detail the specifics of what intentions you want and when, as well as to trail how they change an adapt over time. To create a note;

1) Select the “Intention Tile” you would like to make a note on.

2) Tap the “Notes Tab the sits to the right of the “Brands” tab.

3) Tap the “New Note” Bar at the bottom of the Page.

4) Create the label, tag and content of your new note.

5) Tap “Add” in the top right corner.

How do I edit/delete notes?

Notes are there to provide you with a space to further delve into the details of your intention and what it is you're after. To edit a note within an "Intention Tile":

1) Select the "Intention Tile" you want to edit.

2) Enter the “Notes” tab next to the “Brands” tab.

3) Select the note you want to edit/delete.

4) Scroll to the bottom and tap the “Delete” tab.

5) Confirm delete.

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