How Can I Ask for Help?

If you find you're in need of help when manoeuvring your way through the app, the Getting Started Guide and Tours throughout the platform are helpful. If you need any other type of support, or didn't quite find the information you were looking for:

1) Tap the person icon in the top left corner of the Meeco Dashboard.


2) Tap the “Knowledge Base” link in the drop down menu.

3) You will be directed to Meeco’s support centre.

4) Select the Application you require assistance for, or view the FAQs.


You can also leave feedback or report an error if you find the solution description doesn't quite match your experience/ situation. To report an error or leave feedback:


5) The Feedback icon (Web) or "Submit a Request" (iOS)on the Help page are options where you can tell us what you think or if something isn't working properly. Fill out the subject heading then type your message below and tap "Submit" to send.



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