What do I do if I have forgotten my Password?

If you have forgotten your Meeco password, you will have to reset it by following Meeco's authentication procedures. These steps are here to protect Meeco's users, as your personal information can be sensitive and we want to ensure its security.

To reset a forgotten password, follow these steps:

1) If you are already logged into your Meeco account, Log out by tapping the person icon at the top right corner of the Meeco dashboard, then select the "Log Out" link in the drop down Menu.

2) Select the "Sign in with email" Button underneath the Meeco Logo.

3) Tap on the "Forgot Password" link underneath the Sign on fields.

4) Type in your Meeco Email - This is a critical step! You will need to verify this email once it has been sent. If however you have forgotten your account email, I'm afraid that there is not much Meeco can do to help you regain access to your data due our security policy. Type your Email address, (the one associated with your Meeco account), and then tap the "RESET PASSWORD" button underneath.

5) You will be sent a confirmation email to the address you have entered. Within this email there will be a link that will take you to the reset passwords page at

6) After you have been directed to the password reset page, set your new password in the two fields. Type and then retype to confirm. After you have chosen a new password be sure to tap "Submit" to finish and make your new changes.

If you experience further difficulties or any other issues when attempting to access your account, you can contact us by sending an email to our help desk at

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